Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is Not Gone Well

When I was still in high school, in the late 1700s, I injured each knee in gymnastics. Occasionally, they would lock and swell and hurt. Doctors haven't been much help (although they've done whatever they could to make it worse over the years).

I can't recall the last time I had a problem with either knee and don't think about it much.

Today, I finally took my youngest to play racquetball. We had a fun hour, but after one good twist my left knee is slightly swollen and it hurts when I limp, which is now my substitute for walk.

I haven't packed yet, and I may have to make some substitutes.

Flats for heels.
Long skirt for above-the-knee.

I did have time to shave chest/back of neck this morning, but arms and legs had to wait until after game playing with my son.


  1. Use sensible shoes, Meg! :)

    Yes, best to wait on that "last shaving" lol!

  2. Fish Oil and Glucosamine daily, I have the same problem in both knees and notice it if don't take them.


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