Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Reading + This & That

I read very few blogs. I split my time between political and trans sites, and even political sites that I like are often lost in the clutter that is my typical day. But since I started my own blog, I've started reading a couple of others. Maybe you'll like them too. Maybe I'll find a trans-progressive blog and cut my reading in half. :)

My new friend Penny has an eclectic blog that I'm enjoying. She knows how to edit herself, a task I still find challenging, so it doesn't take as long to catch up with her as it does with me.

Yesterday, I received a comment from Gwen who has a brand new blog with a unique story ~ it kind of follows what I wrote about recently: dressing for the first time. Well, it's not the first time for her, but it's kind of a change-of-life story and I'm glad Gwen found me and I found this. I was hoping to find an e-mail link on there, but alas, no. Gwen, drop me a note if you wish. I'd like to hear more!

And I never miss Femulate and Jessica Who? . Required reading.

If anyone has other blogs that are Do Not Miss, let me know.

A little side note ~ Shelby put a little note on my blog. Blogger decided it was spam because she put in a link to the Gap stores. I'd like to know ~ are you real or spam? Drop me a note. I won't remove the comment... I'd just like to know.

No dressing opportunities this week. I'm still not sure about El Paso yet. My manager has a habit of making decisions without informing the principles, so I haven't made reservations yet. Knowing her, she'd cancel and I'd get stuck with the bill! Today's the day I'll firm up plans.

I will be meeting my old manager for coffee Tuesday. She's met Meg, but I'm not sure I'll tell her about this blog. I'm actively looking for jobs at that company and I want her to give me good recommendations not "you will NOT belivee what he did!"

My boss meeting Meg.... That should be an upcoming post.


  1. By eclectic I assume you mean "lacks focus" and by "knows how to edit herself" I assume you mean lazy. Because I am. My hats off to all of you who do this daily.

    You and Jessica-Who and Femulate are the real deal, though. Everyone check them out!!!! And I'll definitely check out Gwen's blog, too. :)

  2. I'm very literal, Miss Perfect! I meant exactly what I wrote. :)

  3. I'd be interested in your thoughts on my blog:


  4. Thanks for the rec's ... I'll definitely check out the new blogs to me here, Meg!


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