Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stretching the Limits

Firefox now lets you change the background behind the toolbar to whatever you wish. They call it a "persona". They have 60,000+ canned images so far. I changed my persona to My Favorite Shoes.

On my office computer.

Let's see if anyone says anything.


  1. Thanks!
    (and for all your interesting accounts!!)

    Shoes, of course ...
    There is actually also a Firefox "persona" (i.e. background) Transgender flag.

    Best (from Sweden)

  2. Meg,
    It's both your fault.
    I check "CallmeMeg" and "Femulate" as often as I can.
    I had been so good for so long in trying to keep 'wardrobe growth' in check. Your post on 'shoes' started the itch and when Stana followed it up with her post on heel heights, I was inspired to click her link to Newport News.
    I cracked and caved and ordered 3 pairs of pumps, two skirts and a jacket.
    I am not taking the blame on this one. I am pointing the fickle finger of fate at you and Stana. It's all your fault. LOL.
    P.S. At my height and age the 5" heels that Stana noted were a bit beyond what would work for me but I got 2 pr at 3.5" and one at 3".
    PPS. These were all from the clearance pages so the hit was not too bad.


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