Monday, August 16, 2010

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso....

...I got dressed up like a Mexican girl.

Apologies to Marty Robbins, and I wrote more (and it gets worse) but I like my readers and won't inflict it on you.

Reservations have been made.

My flight to El Paso leaves at 7.45 AM next Monday and arrives a little after noon.
My flight from El Paso leaves at 7.25 AM Thursday and arrives around 3pm at Washington National Airport. Travel, work, work, travel.

This means Meg will not be flying out ~ I'd have to find a safe changing place at 3AM and figure out what to tell my wife. It also means odds are very low that Meg will be flying back. I'd still have to get dressed in the middle of the night and, although my wife will be at the beach that day, she's talking about leaving my oldest home. That means changing somewhere along the way. I was thinking I could open the garage from the cab and make a quick entrance into the house, but not with a child potentially at home! I'll travel again I'm sure. Unless the job search pans out.

So what about Meg in Texas?

My first thought was, leave her home (except for maybe sleepwear, my absolute minimum). My week looks like this:

Monday: travel
Tuesday: work with customer. He says he gets in at 6, which I can do, but because there will be other people I need to work with we may start later, or I may need to stay later.

Tuesday eve
: follow-up to work done that day, and prep for the next. On a short trip like this, evenings are usually taken up with work.

: work with customer. There's a lot to do in two days (I've spec'd out 20 hours and I'm not done) so I'll probably be there into the evening. Probably.

Wednesday eve: maybe I can get some down time. If we finish at a reasonable time.

: travel

Well, that leaves Monday afternoon/evening open for sure.

Except I like to take my first alone day to do prep work: shaving or other hair removal mostly. I can try to do much of that at home. It may be tricky though.

And when I'm in a new city, I like to scope out the places I'm going first. I don't want to go into a teen hangout mall. Or a cowboy-infested restaurant. (No offense intended to cowboys ~ I just don't think they'll approve of me.)

But if I can get in my car by 1, I can travel to a nearby mall, see if it looks friendly, and I'd easily have time to change and go out and maybe shop. Maybe I'll get over my eating-alone-as-Meg phobia.

And if it's not friendly, or I'm too tired to go out, I can still enjoy my evening in my room. Maybe dinner. Maybe, if anyone's interested, I will bring my netbook or a webcam and we can video IM. Let me know soon, if you wanna. I have packing to do!

Shirts, shoes, toothbrush, cel phone...
Panties, hose, heels, bra, pads, purse, dress, slip, cinch, makeup, jewelry, wig, wig brush...

Where's that list I posted a few weeks ago?


  1. Meg,

    The emergence of my dressing over the years proceeded at less than a "snail's pace"...more like the incremental seismic shift of the earth's teutonic plates.

    During the years before the kids left the house I would have occasional business travel opportunities. As I would secretly amass what would pass for a wardrobe I would hide my stuff in small gym bags. I had several of these bags hidden around the house, bottom back of the closet, under my work bench, etc. Each bag was as close to a complete travel outfit as possible...dress, heels, bra, basic makeup, cheap wig, extra pantyhose, etc.

    When I would travel I would grab one of the bags on my way out the door. I was always scared passing airport security. I nearly died one time when I had to travel to a remote airport when I learned that they did not have metal detectors and the agent had to hand search my bag. Out came the shoes, bra, turned my face.

    In any event, I found my travel to be the only time I could dress and I would get fully dressed and made up to primarily stay in my hotel room. A daring venture was heading down the hall to the ice machine.

    Since one of my favorite styles of dressing was business woman/secretary, 1970/80's vintage, there were a few occasions when I felt confident enough to head out while dressed. Mostly I would sneak out of the hotel and drive around while dressed, perhaps to gas up the rental car, perhaps to a convenience store...nothing too dramatic. On one occasion I went to the restaurant/bar in the hotel and ordered some food and a drink. I still get the shakes from the dread of discovery. More often than not my courage limited me to hitting the drive up window at McDonalds.

    I am sorry for the long winded discussion above. All I really wanted to say in my comment was, "go for it". Bring at least one full outfit and see if you get any chances to dress and get out and about. Even a late night walk or drive would be fun for me.


  2. Meg-

    You'd make an AWESOME "Mexican girl"!! Low scooped thin cotton top, skirt (hey, even cheap flip-flops are authentic Mexican these days...) Yes!!!

    Great idea about the scoping out first :)

    Excited for ya!


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