Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeping On My Toes

As I said yesterday, I had my nails polished with a little bit of artwork. The polish stayed on for quite a while, and still looked good two months later! I loved seeing the colour and little flowers a couple of times a day.

My wife wasn't that fond of it. And I had to change my lifestyle a Little Tiny Bit.

The boys never knew. I like to go barefoot, but not for these few months. I kept my socks on, studiously avoided any socks with holes, and kept bedroom slippers at my bedside so I could hide away my little bit of built-in femininity 24/7.

In November, I finished the project I was working on and had to go with three other members of the team, plus some customer types to deliver the equipment and train the users.

The team members were all women, none of whom knew (although two do now). The customer was the coast guard. Delivery was at the coast guard base in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This was pre-shoes-off at security, so that didn't worry me. But knowing my coworkers, I could envision beach meetings in SJ. So before we left, I reluctantly said goodbye to the polish.

This was almost two years ago. If it was today, and they did not know, I would have left it on. And when the shoes came off, I'd have a GREAT conversation starter. :)


  1. Although I've never had mine professionally done, I love good even, painted toes :D. It's the one part of me the remains feminine in all I do, and that's a pretty good feeling.

  2. Meg,

    My experience with toe nail color has been similar to yours.

    There have been a few winters when I painted my toe nails. I loved it. Going through my day with the secret knowledge that my toe nails were painted red gave me a ready reminder of my dressing desires. It gave me a vibe that is similar to knowing that I an underdressed. There is just something affirming to go about my business, doing what I do, meeting people all day and night, all the while knowing that they have no clue that I have painted toenails and pantyhose under my slacks.

    Some 30 years ago my wife, while in a playful mood doing her own toes, painted a few of mine. I loved it and never wanted to take the polish off.

    She knows that I would love to get my toes done but for some reason it really bothers her. Perhaps she sees it as a more permanent modification than just clothes and makeup that can be removed in a few minutes. Either that or she would worry what people would think if I were caught underdressed with painted toes or was in an accident while not wearing the appropriate 'clean' underwear.

    On the times when I did have my toes colored I had to wear socks much more often then I would have otherwise worn them.

    She has been teasing me about going with her for a pedicure and if the time issues work out right I will jump in with both feet.

    Getting the toenails done is just one more item that vacillates between the wish list and the done list. I will make a real effort to have them colored at least part of the upcoming winter season.


  3. Meg- I love the thought of you on the PR beach with your painted toes!! Hopefully you'll get another opportunity with the friends that know now! :)


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