Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love the Future ~ I'm In It!

My three week journal turned into a five week journal when my trip was postponed by two weeks.

Then I added another couple of weeks to write up my trip report (in eleven short novels).

Now, I find I've done something I rarely do and have never done at this level ~ I've made friends.

I've been writing to readers behind-the-scenes (and anyone is welcome to write me on gmail). I'm a bit behind at answering, because I still have this alternate (male) life to live and there are quite a few of you! I've made friends in North America and Europe, which is very very cool.

Sometimes, when we correspond, ideas for new entries magically appear. I've had a couple of suggestions from readers (those entries are coming). I feel like, if I stop, I'm letting people down. Maybe that's pretentious of me. Or delusional. I hope not.

And I enjoy writing. In a perfect world, I'd be a writer, maybe a political writer. Maybe a paperback writer. :) In this world, I learned two things:

1. writing is hard
2. writing software, not so much

So I do #2, and #1 remains a dream fulfilled in some small way with this blog. And I think this also helps me to keep my mouth shut when someone says "what's new"?

Right now, I'm not sure how long this blog will run. Sooner or later, I'll either run out of things to say or y'all will wake up and say "why am I reading this blather?" and you'll stop. And I'll stop.

Let me quantify that: I have a fluctuating number of readers every day. I have a number in mind. If my readership drops below that number seven days in a row, I'm done. Yesterday, it was close to three times that amount. If I find I am just plain Out Of Words, I'll try to stall for a few days. After a week, I'll assume my muse has said goodbye, and I will follow her lead.

I changed the subhead a bit. It's still too wordy, but I'm not sure where this is going or even why. Suggestions are welcome.

I'm writing about El Paso now. I'm not going to go into the same painful detail about packing and all that I did for Topeka ~ you've heard it all. Disasters and near-disasters will be duly noted.

I'm hoping to meet with a local t-group next month.

I also have another possible adventure planned. One of you ladies knows about this. I mentioned it to her because I got the idea while writing her a note. I'm not sure I can pull it off, and I don't have any details yet ~ not even a fantasy, which is where these things start, for me.

If I do it, I'll have lots to write about! If I decide not to, I'll let you all in on it.

First, I need my fantasy. And my muse.

Are you here, honey?


  1. Meg- I'm glad the writing is working out for you, and you're opening new "avenues"..you're a good writer!

    Me, I just wanna see a pic of that suitcase! :)

  2. I have difficulty believing writing is hard for you. Everything you writes flows too well. You are a tease, though. Secret adventure? My mind is percolating. You're never going to get rid us like that!

  3. I'm just playing hard to get...

    ...rid of.

  4. Meg

    You "Pretentious"??? Not even close.

    "Delusional"??? Possibly...but only in a nice way.

    You cannot summon the 'muse' the 'muse' has to find you. Don't give yourself 'tsuris' looking for it. It will come to you in ways you may least expect.

    There is no rule that you have to post daily. Not all of your readers even get on line daily. That is no reason for you to threaten to bail on the blog.

    Your special place in CD blog world is the element of "shpilkes" that permeates your adventures and your writing. Your level of angst is one that many of us share. I think that one of the joys of being a CD is the feeling of walking on the edge...of teetering on your heels...of having 'ants in your pantyhose'..."schpikas".
    The fear of discovery balanced against the 'simchas' of the activity.

    You post threatens us that you may depart the blogosphese. Please stay with us. We know that keeping up a blog is a lot of work, mentally draining, time consuming, etc. Do the best that you can and let the chips fall where they may. If need be you should feel guilt at the thought of abandoning your creation and let the energy created by your guilty feelings over our joint guilty pleasure serve to motivate you forward.

    Your new favorite goy

  5. I enjoy your blog immensely please continue writing of your ideas and thoughts even if it’s once a week, please feel free to allow messages to back up, as we are all sure you have other obligations. I learned so much from your blog, I can see that we can pass in public if we dress and wear normal clothing, (staying away from flashy) as you have done. When a person passes you, without as much as a slight glance, you have got it down! Remember please this was your blog, you are doing it for FUN! If you write an 11 part trip diary release one part at a time we’ll be glad to wait. Personally, I hounor your ingenuity to create this blog and still respect your family. I hope the blog becomes a outlet for you when obligations prevent you from enjoying Meg.


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