Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday in El Paso

My hotel is adjacent to the UTEP (University of Texas El Paso) campus. I drove through campus yesterday because it's the most direct route to the interstate. Since the temperature was oppressive, skirts and dresses abounded. I really enjoyed that short trip.

Today, I was up at 530 to prepare for the day's meetings. Thirteen hours later, I was back in my room. And I have at least two more hours of work to prepare for tomorrow's meeting. If I wanted to be completely honest, based on what they gave me today, I have at least two more weeks of work to prepare for tomorrow's meeting.

So there's no way I can really dress up tonight.

So it's now about 930 and I'm wearing a blouse and skirt and everything else except makeup and jewelry. Hey, I brought all this stuff with me ~ I don't want to bring it all back home without wearing anything! And yes, I did remember to bring a dress, a top, and two skirts, even though I left that off my list. The skirt I'm wearing I hadn't worn before. I got it through freecycle shortly before my trip. It's gored, with a roses pattern. It's very full and falls below my knee (a bit longer than I like ~ but cute) and just a bit too big around the waist. I think it'll go to the next clothing swap. I should change into the other skirt before I get too attached to this one. And I should get back to work. I still have two weeks work to do tonight. I love working in my room!


  1. Meg,
    I am sure it was fine viewing passing through the college campus.
    Skirt envy hits me real hard on the hot and humid days. Whie the women can prance around is light lskirts, sleeveless or tank style tops, light wispy dresses and sandals, I am sitting here in a long sleeve dress shirt, long pants, socks and shoes. In a few minutes I need to leave my desk, button my collar, put on a tie and jacket. Yuck.
    Dress envy hits hardest in the summer time.
    Enjoy the clothes you brought. Hanging in your room and wearing the proper clothes will help with the work. For me, last night it was the thin, pink sleeveless nightgown for coolness and comfort.

  2. Even getting dressed in the room is nice :)


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