Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking About Texas

Being joined by my manager, G, changes things somewhat.

I've decided Meg will join me, even if she's just in the hotel room. G will be staying in the same hotel, and she'll be on the same flight back to Virginia.

She'll also be coming to El Paso later in the day than I am, so Meg may roam freely on Monday. I haven't decided if she will. As I said, I like to scope out the area before I go out and I don't know if I'll have time. It also depends on whether I can get early check-in, and I can pre-shave arms and legs and all. It's hard to spend a half-hour in the bathroom with the electric shaver, and the razor doesn't do a neat job on my non-facial hair and I don't know why.

I may just do some shopping in the El Paso area. If I can, I'll go to New Mexico to that Deb store and see if they have the pumps I want in my size. I may pack an oversized suitcase light, and have room to bring back some clothing if I shop. I may even take advantage of being 2000 miles from and try on some girl clothes, even if I'm in drab. Or shop for cowboy (cowgirl) boots.

I was considering packing so everything could be carried on, but I'd be embarrassed if they had to go through my luggage and G was standing there. When my former manager hinted to G (with my tacit approval) that dressing up was something I do on occasion, G reacted not so much with denial as with incomprehension.

I know it won't be a non-Meg week. I doubt I'll bring my netbook, so I won't be able to video chat if I'm dressed up and stuck inside, unless readers want to.... Let me know before I pack!

I know I'll have an entry or two from the trip. I'm just not sure what they'll be about yet! And I'll try to post from the road.


  1. If you get a chance, look to womens clothing for men (silk satin) doctor selling his book
    about, (richard/alice) go to the bottom look for story: "jury duty in a dress" interesting fun!

  2. Exciting... have a great trip! Wow...
    Hadn't thought about video chats...

  3. I'm glad it won't be a Meg-free week. Have a good trip (even if it us work related).


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