Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Slate Magazine

Disco-Ball Dresses and Spandex: A dispatch from transgender camp for kids

"Our kids are from Boston and San Francisco, the Great Salt Lake, New Jersey, Kansas City, and Mississippi. Other than the usual suspects (liberals, therapists, yoga instructors), the parents here are Republican, Catholic, Mormon, or otherwise conservative. Some tried to "fix" their kids as the best psychiatrists of the '70s used to advise (and as some still do). But when the fix didn't take, the parents at the camp decided they preferred a happy kid to a normal one, and they ended up here, watching the annual fashion show."

Good read! Life's changed since I was a little girl boy.


  1. Meg
    An interesting article. I would recommend that your followers read the article and then look at the comments that follow the article.
    A TG camp for younsters is a great idea. As we age we can find friends, check things out on the internet, join support groups, attend meetings, conferences, etc.
    All of a childs events are controlled by their parent or guardian. It is nice to see that some headway has been made in the acknowledgment that there is a wide variety of gender variance.

    I also thought that the discussion of pronouns and labels was interesting. Certainly the pronoun/label issue is a major issue with all gender related items.

    The article itself could provide lots of food for thought on a wide variety of subjects.


  2. Great article. Thanks for the link. :)


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