Thursday, August 26, 2010

Politics and Neanderthals

This article has been sitting in my queue for a month, but I wanted to share. It's not about crossdressing per se, but I commonly hear some variation on "we femulate because we respect and admire women". This guy does neither and is proud of it. The headline says it all, but there's an embedded video if you want to see the context.

Male Senate candidate: Vote for me 'because I do not wear high heels'

If I was in Colorado, I wouldn't consider voting for this guy. Gene Weingarten is a humour columnist I've chatted with on occasion and fellow prosopagnosia sufferer. He stated my political position best: "I am so liberal I should be tried for treason, and executed. "

But this guy probably lost all of our votes with this one. Sadly, he won the primary and may be in the senate next year. I'm a political junkie. I'll be watching this one.


  1. Meg,
    Thanks for the 'word of the day'. "Prosopagnosia" is a new one for me. I also struggle to competently connect a name to a face. It is often embarassing to encounter someone who knows me and who looks familiar to me but whose name I just can't recall. Fortunately I have a somewhat 'breezy' personality and take to calling people by generic handles, 'kid', 'cuz', 'buddy', etc.

    I am also a political junkie and I thought that the Democrat primary in Colorado was more interesting than the GOPs. Obama had arranged for the appointment of Bennett to the vacant Senate seat and supported him in the primary while Bill Clinton came out for Romanoff. I remain curious about the under the table job offer that Obama and company made to Romanoff to encourage him to drop out of the primary to leave clear sailing for Obama's choice, Bennett.

    On the GOP side it seemed like both Norton and Buck were having some fun with 'shoes'. I thought Norton was smart to mention her fine collection of shoes and to try to pick up some glow from Palin' supporters by noting her taste in shoes. Do you remember the photo from behind Palin during the 2008 campaign that had her standing tall in her heels on a stage with everyone gawking up at her. Regardless of your views of Palin's politics it is hard to ignore her pins. I am sure that a great set of heels has appeal accross the political spectrum. Palin herself got some milage from the "Lipstick on a pit bull" commment, among others.

    Norton had some traction in the primary as the GOP party insider and Buck took the 'outsider' approach. I think that his 'high heels' comment was originally a lighthearted attempt to separate himself from the 'government as usual' crowd and to reinforce his attempt to foster the image of the cowboy outsider who whats to ride into town to oppose government growth.

    Buck vs. Bennett should be a fun race to watch as the political season heats up. Colorado politics should be even more interesting with the ever colorful Tom Tancredo mounting a 3rd party run. Can you say "Hickenlooper" with a straight face.

  2. Jane Norton has had problems with the electorate- a few years ago there a nasty name calling election then, some political groups must be afraid of her (don't want girl in the good old boys store). In the mean time we have a guy pulled down on the street and beaten by Denver Police (nation news)and they remain patrolling city streets even though they shouldn't be -- courtesy of Denver's new manager of safety. Whom resigns under pressure. then:
    Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman suggested in Wednesday's Denver Post that he holds extra — and unknown — factual information in the case of two officers accused of lying about beating a Denver man. (killed in denver jail) they couldn't find the video tape for 30 days hummm.. I wonder why?
    We also have a artist who is going to cover 35 mile of the Colorado river with orange curtains.
    It must be the mountain air.....

    I don't think coloradans think that the wild west is over, it's alive and well here.
    and then the governor cann't figure why tourists don't visit colorado??

  3. Nice... hope you're having fun! :)


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