Friday, August 13, 2010

Priorities + Some Sources

When I left this morning, I had the address of the Manassas Mall (where the Deb store is, where those shoes I love are) in my gps. I spent the day at the company "summerfest" and planned on heading over afterwards.

Instead, I spoke to my youngest who wanted to know when I'd be coming home because he wanted to do some things with me today.

So I came home. The shoes, I hope, will wait. And if I really really wanted them, I can order on-line. My wife doesn't like to see that I'm bringing More Meg Stuff into the house. Even when I get it for free.

OK, that source: I belong to the local freecycle group. For the uninitiated, freecycle is a yahoo group where you can post offers of stuff you don't want. People who are interested send you an e-mail, you arrange to hand it off. No money changes hands. Sometimes, you see a wanted post ~ someone asking for something they need. These aren't very common.

After you get rid of your item, you post a taken. If the item you requested comes your way, you post a received. Someday, I'm going to post

WANTED: Porshe Carrera GT in Perfect Condition

A few days later, I'll post a RECEIVED. :)

I also thought if I posted an OFFER: of that same car, I'd find out the e-mail address of everyone on freecycle.

I've uncluttered a lot on freecycle. Books, my old grill, miscellaneous items. One woman's trash and all that.

I never request items. With one exception of course. I've scored dresses, tops, shoes, even slips. Some I can use, some I can't. What I can't use goes to the clothing swap. My most recent pickup was a half-dozen skirts. Four fit and are a style I will wear.

The six-inch sandals pictured here came from freecycle:

In the past few days, someone offered a wedding dress, size 14. It's a bit big, but I was very tempted. I decided to leave it for someone who might actually use it for, say, a wedding. I never freecycle clothing myself. People who know me and my wife are on this list. If I offer, say, some size 10 skirts, and they know my wife is a 1X, red flags will be raised.

I know I should keep my mouth shut. There Will Be Local Ladies who will now be competing with me, but this blog is about sharing. So join, post, clean up your house, and maybe get a special item of clothing. And look for clothing swaps on meetup. You might find some other treasures.


  1. Meg- I love those shoes! Ha, good point about the clothing size differential... It would make some go, "hmmmm"...

    I'm still waiting for MY Porsche, too! :)

  2. Good luck on the Porsche!

    Those shirts are way too intimidating for me, but I have a feeling you can pull them off quite well. :)

  3. Penny ~ I hope you meant "shoes" and not "shirts" but depending on who's wearing them, I might try to pull off shirts too. :)

  4. Doh!

    I'm going to blame that on the heat. :)


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