Friday, June 25, 2010


I've been trying on dresses, looking for something to wear Sunday and for some things to give away.

I tried on 20 dresses. I have three in the "giveaway" pile. I have two more in the "maybe" pile.

I originally pledged to myself that if it wasn't something I was going to wear outside, I'd give it away. This dress I'm wearing, for instance, is really hot ~ short, cap sleeves, not low cut but wide cut so bra straps show, pretty tight but not "show all" tight. I will never wear it out of the house. Maybe if my body was 30 years younger I would.

But it's going back in the closet. It's just too sexy to give away.

One dress I like is a hand-knit dress from Peru. It's nice, it fits well, but it's just not something I can see myself wearing out of the house.... So some lucky woman will get a treasure.

Oh.... I think I've tried on enough dresses tonight. I have 31 more.

Not including suits.

And I still haven't figured out which shoes to wear!

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