Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chris Elucidates

Yesterday, if anyone read to the end of the tome I wrote, I said that Chris had another comment that I didn't understand. Today, she clarified:

About family etc., it's is just that most of the CD blogs are about what I wore, where I went, what I did, but very little about, say, how my wife felt when I stood in our bedroom wrestling into my foundation garments. Or about how the Brother-in-law reacted to her high heels and stockings. I guess I am seeking to hear in these important aspects of life the same success stories we hear under the rubric "I went to the Speedy Mart en femme and didn't get mugged."

With the exception of my wife, my family universally does not know about Meg. My wife helped me shop a bit, and get dressed a long time ago (just playing around, you understand) but once I was dressed, she'd want nothing to do with me. She bought me a few girl things for birthdays for a few years, but then that turned into her buying whatever was on sale, whether she thought I'd like it or not, whether it would fit or not ~ sort of an obligation. That, thankfully, stopped.

To me, a secret is something that only you know. I have secrets ~ there are things that I've never told anyone, and they'll probably stay that way. Then there's what I call "close", things that most people don't know. If I tell someone a "close" thing, then I understand that they can do what they want with it. Friends who know about Meg know that she's not a secret. There's no "don't tell anyone, but Meg is really..." there. And I make it clear that they know that.

But so far no-one's spread the word, which is cool.

Last spring, I announced in front of a group of 12 that I crossdress. One male, my spouse, one female friend, and nine women I'd never met before. My former manager at my current company knows. My manager at my former company knows, as does a coworker there. Four women who are part of a clothing swap meetup know. All of these people (except the group of 12) have seen me dressed. I also have an e-mail friend I've known for 17 years who knows, and an e-mail friend I've known for 16 years who I recently told. I've met each once, but not as Meg. A few women have done my makeup, and we've gone shopping together, but they kind of only know Meg. (If anyone wants to know more about why or how these people know, just ask.)

So Meg is "close", but certainly not a secret.

I think if I told my boys, they'd either not care or they already know. I mean, half of my closet is dresses! But I'm not ready to sit down and say "kids, I have something to tell you."

Maybe I'll fly home dressed too, and they'll find out that way. :)

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  1. Glad to have joined the adventure mid-flight Meg. Flying en Femme is a Coup de Grace, and something to remember. I do hope to follow in your footsteps at some point in the future, and am sure I will take inspiration from you.

    As to passability / photos etc.., you look entirely happy and lovely. Quite the image of a former roommate of mine in fact for whom I still harbor a quiet flame. So there.

    Go bravely on and don't mind the naysayers.

    Best wishes...


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