Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Personal Attention

Many years ago, I bought a wonderful pair of forms from GlamourBoutique. They were GL-2000N and since I don't wear them much, they've lasted way longer than the few years I'd expect them too.

Now I've been traveling with them (packed away) and they don't have the hard plastic to protect them. I think they'd have lasted a lot longer if I packed them right, but there's a plastic skin that's coming off the actual form.

So I was about to order replacements (from the same company) and instead I ordered a pair that cost half as much but sounded good.

At the same time, I sent an e-mail to the owner of GlamourBoutique, asking his opinion of the forms vs the GL-2000N. He wrote back a few minutes ago and said, to be honest, they weren't as soft (boo) and less concave (yea! I'm not very convex). They're good forms, but the GL-2000 are better. I asked him to change my order, and I paid the extra (paypal) and it is done.

I own three pairs of forms that I bought over the years. I often try out the others, but I always go back to the 2000's. One has a nipple that's too prominent ~ I don't need to look like I'm in a constant state of excitement. The other.... It's hard to describe but I don't like it as much. Maybe tomorrow I'll try.

For inquisitive minds, I wear a 38c bra and size 44 forms (for the GL-2000). With some bras and tops, I add a soft handball-size ball that I've cut in half behind the form. I won't be doing that on the flight. I've also tried hose with polyfill in it and a split styrofoam ball for backing, but the ball works the best.

By the way, googling "best breast form" doesn't give very interesting results.

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