Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Quickie....

A couple of people commented that my current outfit is inappropriate for the air trip. Yes, it is. That was just part of my pass/fail attempts.

As I tried on each skirt today, I stood and looked at the hem then I sat and looked again. Most skirts move up a few inches when you sit down. Ideally, my skirt will be just above my knees when I stand and have enough fabric to drape when I sit.

One of the skirts that I like to wear around the house is short and red and pleated I suppose it's a tennis skirt.. It also says "Head" on it. Not the message I want to give!

For a similar reason, I didn't want to wear a top that says "Guess" on it. :)


  1. I think the outfit looks fabulous on you, but it's dressier than I would wear unless I was traveling on business or somethin. Denim skirt or peasant skirt, sandals -- something stylish but laid back and comfortable.

    You are so pretty, btw.

  2. You look superb, very convincing. However as Sherri said perhaps something easier to wear is more appropriate, but there again who wants easy???

    you look georgeous, all the best, I will read your blog with increasing interest.


  3. Meg,

    You are a very attractive and convincing woman but I agree with Jenny and Sherri that wearing something else may be more comfortable for you.


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