Thursday, June 17, 2010

Agonising Over Clothes

I want to wear the right outfit for this outing.

I have too much clothes, at least on the girl side of my closet. I'm starting to cull items that I can't wear outdoors ~ I used to only dress indoors, so if a pretty skirt was too big, I'd pin it and wear it. Or if it was too short, I'd enjoy it. And if I had a top that went with nothing I'd find something to wear with it, even though I'd be barred from ever being called a fashionista (as if that would ever happen anyway).

I decided against a dress. That eliminates a lot of items. Even my casual dresses are too dressy. I will stand out, because I overdress. I don't need to overdo the overdressing. I did consider a wedding gown, just because I can wear a veil (kidding).

I decided against pants. That eliminates, um, nothing. I know. You're all shocked.

I picked out three possible tops, although I may change my mind and add more (or buy more). One is a print top, one is a pink knit, and one is a light blue casual top. All have long sleeves, although I will be shaving my entire arm so that's not a requirement. All of the sleeves can be bunched up, and I probably will do that.

Then I went through my skirts and put away all the "too's". That's the ones that are too short, too tight, too loose, too heavy for summer, and show too much of what women aren't supposed to show under a skirt. Yes, I know about tucking, but it seems I have a choice between tucking and comfortably crossing my legs.

Because of my shortened time alone, I only had time to try on clothes, not do a "full Meg". I tried on the different tops, with different skirts (it's down to 7), and different shoes.

I took pictures of each combination but the camera was hand-held in lowish light, into a mirror. It would have taken too long to set up the tripod and timer and everything. I haven't seen them yet; if they're at all decent I'll find a way to post. I'd really love some feedback!

I've changed my picture again. Any comments? Better? Worse? Stay home? Stay away from my boyfriend? :)


  1. Meg,

    Total pass. Great color. Come the rapture, can I have your accessories?

    Well done.

  2. I'm sorry Petra. I'm Jewish. I'll be stepping out even more, knowing that the prudes are gone. :)

  3. Meg, I am a natal woman approximately your age, so I will offer feedback from that POV. I will be as direct with you as I am with my own MtF partner.

    Pay very close attention to your upper lip. There should not be any hint of shadow.

    Use a slightly lighter hand with makeup, especially concealer under the eye. Blend carefully. Avoid bright colors. I'm not saying natal women our age don't wear bright or heavy makeup, but it will draw attention.

    Your skirt in the photograph is about two inches too short, at least when you are sitting down. I'm not saying it doesn't look nice, or that your legs aren't nice, but it is shorter than most natal women our age will wear (at least in my part of the country) and it will -- again -- draw eyes.

    Of course attracting attention is exactly what we might want to do at a party or clubbing with friends, but if your aim on this trip is to blend in seamlessly, it will be wise to wear conservative (but not dowdy) colors and skirt lengths.

    Finally, let go of the idea that you must pass scrutiny in order to be treated respectfully and enjoy yourself. There is a difference between "passing" and "being presentable." If you present appropriately and confidently, most people will not look twice.

  4. I think you are very attractive and look very feminine. I do agree with the above comment though. You have very nice legs, but wearing a short skirt on a plane might not be very comfortable.


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