Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five Days!

Or is it Five Days?

My former manager always tried to schedule jobs a few weeks in advance. Even if someone was available, she'd try to never take last-minute (or even close) jobs. Customers understand that we're busy, and it helped her to schedule our time so there were no surprises.

My new manager is the anti-former-manager. She thinks nothing of telling us to go here or there on a few day's notice, or canceling and moving things around. Originally, I wasn't even supposed to be going to the midwest. I was going to Southern Virginia for a week. After I contacted the customer to get details of the job (and I looked into some t-possibilities there), she decided someone else would go and I'd be doing a month job in the midwest.

Now she's trying to wedge two days at another customer in for me for this week. That means the other project won't be done, and we'll be delayed a bit.

I still say we're at code yellow. I give Meg a 90% chance of flying ~ just maybe not Sunday.


  1. I give you a lot of credit, Meg. Despite the intensely anal planning you've done, there is really nothing about this that is set in stone. You seem unflappable! I would be a blithering, stammering flop-sweating mess (even more than usual).

  2. If I was better at expressing how I feel, you'd know I'm a blithering, stammering, flop-sweating mess and I still have a few days to think about this.


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