Thursday, June 10, 2010

Endurance Testing

I've never spent twelve hours out crossdressed before. I figure this will be a twelve (or more) hour outing.

So starting last night (a bit over 28 hours ago) I have been wearing a cinch. I wanted to make sure it's comfortable when I'm standing/sitting/walking.... It is.

I also put on my bra with forms as soon as I came in tonight, as well as my wig. The wig is pretty comfortable, but not so I'd forget it's on. The breasts could be better ~ my back started hurting after a couple of hours, but I hope to wear them as much as possible (which won't be a lot, but still...) over the next couple of weeks. I'm also looking for earrings that won't hurt my ears. I have two pair that might work. At least I can take off earrings if they bother me (but I won't want to!).

I shaved my closest this morning at 6. It's now 10pm, and the makeup I put on this evening still seems to cover the facial hair. This is important to moving forward. Now I can cross:

whiskers show through makeup after 12 hours

off my list of potential problems. That leaves about 500 more.

I only went down the hall to get ice tonight. I didn't see anyone, and the ice machine is broken. I was thinking of going to another floor, but I didn't want to be in an elevator with a stranger. Pretty dumb, for someone who's planning to fly in a couple of weeks!

Off to bed now. Well, off to bed eventually ~ I have to get all this makeup off and pack everything. I must check out in about 8 hours.

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