Monday, June 28, 2010

I Figured It Out!

I should have called yesterday's piece It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times.

I want to recap my conversation with my wife last night, at least the relevant parts.

We never really talk about Meg going out, but I always obliquely refer to it and she understands. If she'll be away for a few hours, I might say "give me some notice before you come home" and she'll know I'm dressing around the house.

I told her that there is a clothing swap on Sunday, and I would be helping out my friend Kim there. She knew what I meant. If I was going in drab, I would've said that. If I think she might not have caught my meaning (if I said I'm going shopping, perhaps) I might say "I'll try to make sure no-one sees me leave" and she'll understand. She can absorb and ignore this. If I said "I'm going to wear a dress and heels and go shopping today" she'd have more trouble ignoring it.

I spoke to her on the phone, after the swap.

me: on the way home from the swap, a tire exploded. I'm fine, the car's fine.
she: were you dressed?
me: I was coming home from the swap.
she: what did you do?
me: I called geico, waited in the car for an hour, and had them change the tire.

I didn't mention that I tried to keep a low profile ~ I didn't want some nice gentleman to tap on my window and say "can I help you ma'am"? That might be embarrassing, for him. I was glad it was the curb side tire so passing cars couldn't see it. There was little foot traffic. I didn't mention any of the details I mentioned here. You ladies understand, and I truly cherish that.

Some more this 'n' that....

In yesterday's post I said Audrey did my nails. Angela. Her name was Angela. And it took me a good hour with acetone nail polish remover (the non-acetone did nothing) and soaking and several q-tips to get it all off. I shall pack acetone remover and lots of q-tips for my trip.

And one really weird thing. I've shared a lot of my inner self with this blog and all of you, and I hesitate to mention this because it's really weird and not girl-related, but it happened while dressed and even now I'm thinking of just deleting this paragraph and not saying. But here goes.

I was on a straight stretch of highway when the tire blew. I was watching the road in front of me. Suddenly, I saw the car from above the right side, just behind. There was a pop and a cloud of black that came from the right rear tire. I noticed my right wheel was right no the white line.

The whole thing lasted a fraction of a second. I didn't believe I saw what I saw. Now I do but I don't understand it. I can't explain it.

Maybe dressing gives me super-powers. :) Wouldn't that be the greatest thing ever?

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  1. Meg
    I really find myself enjoying your blog. It seems almost every day something you say strikes a familiar note.
    "Absorb and ignore" hits home on my bride's approach to my dressing. While she sees me dressed around the house with some regularity I am sure that she knows/senses that when I am home alone or when I am away on business and we talk on the phone I will almost always have a dress on.
    I respect that her biggest fear is the discovery of my secret life and I do get out of the house as often as I can, without her knowing about it (or so I think), I need to respect her boundaries. However, after over 3 decades of a wonderful marriage, I often think that she knows what I am thinking even before I do.
    Keep up the good work.


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