Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dry Run

My plan was to treat last week's trip as a dry run for my next trip. The main difference would be traveling on Sunday (next time) instead of Monday (last time). I could scope out family restrooms so I can avoid the ladies' room. I could see how other women were dressed so I wouldn't stand out too much. Like most of us, I tend to overdress. I can wear a t-shirt and jeans any day.

This is special.

I know I should try to blend in, but if a woman is going somewhere special, doesn't she dress up? Every place Meg goes is someplace special!

There is also a "10 Minute Nail" place at the airport and I wanted to see what they offer. I do want a manicure before the flight. I may have to get one (in drab) the night before. I don't have a huge problem with that. I do have a small problem with that however. :)

It turns out that I couldn't do any of those things. There are two airports nearby, and in order to make my Monday morning meeting and not get up at 4am, I had to fly out of the other airport. I will do a lot of things for Meg time, but I'm not a fanatic. OK, I'm not an extreme fanatic.

If I get nervous about the airport, I may drive down and check things out and drive back. It'll be worth the price of parking and gas, I think. It's more a matter of making the time. And I won't be able to see what's beyond security ~ if that's where I need to be, then I won't bother.

I did get to people watch. Even though it was Monday morning, and people might be traveling for a same-day meeting, jeans or casual slacks or shorts and shells or polos or tanks were the most common sight. Flip-flops, flats, sandals, sneakers on most feet. A couple of very casual dresses were present. Even the one woman wearing a business suit wore tennies ~ I presume she'll change after the flight. I saw a couple of younger ladies with shorter skirts than I'd wear on a plane. Most of the dressier clothes were on women I wouldn't want to femulate. So I'll be in a class by myself. Unless the rest of the airport looks at me and thinks "I wouldn't want to look like her."

(I hate to sound shallow, but it's all about looks [looking feminine], and I think narcissism is a part of this. I know Meg loves to see how she looks. My male philosophy is, I don't care how I look because I don't have to see me.)

I decided on the trip that I will pass on a dress and wear a top and skirt instead. That makes my choice easy:

top: sweater, polo, button down, short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, v-neck, round neck, high neck, tunic, cotton, poly, nylon/rayon, silk, plain, sequins or other detail, lacy, ruffly, solid, stripe, print ~ some combination thereof.

skirt: solid, pattern, print, pockets or no, elastic or zip waist, above knee, below knee, mid-calf or longer, denim, cotton, poly, nylon/rayon, pleated, pleat bottom, slit or not, tight, full ~ some combination thereof.

At least I know I'll wear pumps and taupe or some other similar colour hose (although I may wear stockings, just because hose and a cinch and an airplane restroom and a possibly bouncy airplane seem like a bad combination. But no coloured hose or tights unless I nick my leg from ankle to knee.

I'll skip which lipstick and eye makeup and jewelry to wear until I figure out my outfit.


  1. I don't mean to sound harsh or rain on your parade, but judging by the photo on your blog, you don't look very passable. I think you would be crazy to consider flying .... at best, you risk ridicule by others, at worst you risk being beaten up or arrested (it is not a good idea to mess with airport security guys).

    If I were you I would get a reality check and stick to visits to the local mall.

  2. I appreciate the feedback. I'll try a different picture later. Maybe you'll have a different reaction.

  3. Hi Meg...Came here from Stana's mention over at Femulate.

    You work in a secure facility? So do I... I would be interested in any comments you have on the interface between crossdressing and "that" environment. I mean, back in the old days I think crossdressing could result in your clearance being revoked. Do your colleagues know? How do you integrate all that?

    I fully understand if you are not willing to talk about it...and I hope you will forgive me asking, in that case. It's just that I find myself most curious about our relations with job / friends / wife, and I keep asking about such.

    Now I'll go make another appeal to Stana to tell us more about her relationship with her wife. (smile)


  4. Stana is who I want to be when I grow up. :)

    I'll talk about anything. I'll address this in the next day or two.

  5. I admire your courage and can't wait to read more! If you are looking for some encouragement, I have been following a girl on flickr (Kimberly of Texas) who flies en femme all the time for her job. It simply amazes me how she does it with such ease.


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