Monday, June 7, 2010

A bit of an introduction....

I'm a male crossdresser, transvestite, transgender.... Pick a label. I check "M" when it asks for "sex" but I'm tempted to check "F" when it asks for "gender". Or at least put a question mark.

I dress as a woman occasionally (that means "every chance I get") but I have no plans to get any sort of surgery to become more female. Although if I could pick one, I'd probably get my vocal cords trimmed so my voice is more passable. Second choice is to get rid of body/facial hair.

But I'm not going to do either of those.

So here I am in powerpoint form:
* married, wife knows, doesn't approve
* 2 sons, they don't know
* I've been out dressed maybe a dozen times in the past six years. Sometimes, I have a makeup lady do my face and go shop with me. Other times, I dress, take a deep breath, and GO.
* I underdress daily ~ I only own panties, women's socks and undershirts (camis and tanks)
* I dress in "male-female" clothes (there needs to be a word for that). I buy women's shirts, shoes, pants that look male whenever I can. I only own women's jeans and shorts. My preferred shoes are women's New Balance, ny dress shoes are from Aerosoles, my beach-type sandals are women's.
* I wear a necklace (inside my shirt) and charm bracelet daily.
* I'm 56, 5'8", 155lbs, size 12 dress, size 8 skirt/pants, 38C (usually), 10.5W shoes, size 6-7 panties (depending on cut).

I'm far from female, but I think I pass (mostly) when I'm dressed. I may be prejudiced.

* I need to wear contacts; my glasses aren't very fem
* A lot of shaving is involved: arms, legs, chest, shoulders, neck, upper back, pits, hands, feet, and of course, face.
* But I don't shave my shoulders, back, pits, tummy, etc so I'm a bit limited on Tops I Can Wear ~ more to follow.
* there is no hair where I want hair so I need a wig. I try to get a haircut right before going out so none of my real hair shows through. I loathe wig caps.
* Without makeup I do NOT look female. I'm not sure what does it, but it does change my look! A LOT

Did I leave anything out? Just ask.

Today is day one of the blog. I'm in a Marriott with more girl clothes for the week than guy.


  1. I'm honored to be your first visitor. Your such a lovely woman.

  2. As your second commenting visitor, I say WOW Great and Best Wishes for a great experience as a woman. You have courage way beyond what I have. Thank You for sharing and bringing your fem beauty to us all.

  3. Hello! yes I'm a guy whom has enjoyed your blog.
    Love the trip to Topeka's comments you REALLY! pulled it off!!! and what supreme courage it took to actual complete the trip.
    I mean it's one thing to wear women clothing, but quite different to be able truely pass as one. Plus passing thru TSA whom didn't seem to object, I hope you write about your future challenges as you have great writing ability.
    I had a book years ago the spoke being successful using "using your sexual energy" (Such as a young guy use sexuality to get a girl to buy a "upgrade") but, never considered that the feelings you had at the end of the day was truely IT! Thinking how you felt, and no sexual contact was involved, no drugs, alcohol, etc. just at the very top of your life experience!!
    I enjoyed your blog as I'm a closet dresser/dreamer hope someday I'll have the courage to head out!
    I know small steps but.....the frist one seem so far away!
    I wish I'd been somewhere near, during your trip, I think it would have been So... great to later see you picture a remember I saw her!!! BUT,I didn't recognize an her as being any different than just "another pretty gal walking by"
    This new internet world, it's wonderful finding you and realizing we share the same thoughts Who could guess we're a 1,000 miles apart but are able know that I am NOT alone with & in my dreams.
    good health, luck in your future, trips and many fun times ahead. I'm out of Denver Colo.

  4. Meg, you live a life many wish they could. Your openess with others (when possible) is an inspiration. Always be who you feel you are and desenters be damned. Take care Hon


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