Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Had A Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was trying to get a cel phone from freecycle. I replied to the offer of a free phone, then went to the neighborhood the offerer said he lived at, not waiting to see if I was going to get the phone. I never heard of the neighborhood in waking life, but in the dream I knew exactly where it was. The area looked very like a neighborhood in the hills near the Hollywood sign.

There were two of me there. I knew both were me. My male self was there, although looking younger than I do now. My female self was there as well, also looking younger (and thinner and with longer hair and wearing a cute top and very full short skirt). My name was not Meg; it was Lindsay. I thought this was odd, but not very odd. I thought it odder that I wanted a cel phone.

The guy who was offering the phone showed up, but I didn't know it was him and he didn't know I was waiting to hear from him to see if I was chosen. We chatted a bit and my male self decided to go get something from the car (it was parked at the bottom of the hill). The dream followed my male self, and ended there.

A few days before I decided to fly as Meg, I opened a fortune cookie. It read "your dearest dream is coming true".

This morning I was talking to a co-worker who said her daughter was having problems finding an apartment while she went to graduate school. She's talked about her daughter's grad school angst before. She had never mentioned her name. Today she did.

It was Lindsay.

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