Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thinking ahead to travel day....

I'm not sure which of the two airports I'll be flying out of. Either one is difficult to drive to, and I'd prefer to leave my car for family to use, so I'm considering taking a taxi to the airport.

This causes a problem.

Generally, I park in my garage and Meg pulls out and drives to wherever. I have personalised tags, so it's possible someone will recognise my car, but I consider it unlikely and don't worry about that.

My neighbors are nosy, especially on one side. They see everything. This worked out well once, when a housesitter had some friends over and told us about it. This worked out less well once. Before Meg was going out, she'd walk into the yard and water the plants for a few minutes. Once I came in and the phone rang. It was my neighbor, calling to speak to my wife. She never calls. I told her she wasn't in. I know she saw a woman in the yard and was trying to figure out what it was about. Meg looks nothing like my wife.

In the past, I've always told my wife when Meg will be going out. She will try to discourage it in any number of ways. This changes nothing, and I anticipate it.

I will not be telling her about flying as Meg. I'm not sure what her reaction will be, but it will neither be pretty nor short term. I won't even tell her after the fact. This is one of those things that should be secret, but isn't. If I wasn't writing here, no-one would know. I've gained a lot from the community and risking a secret to give back is acceptable to me.

Emo Phillips said "when I was a boy, I prayed to God for a bicycle. Then I realised that that's not how God works. So I stole a bicycle and prayed for forgiveness."

I'll ask for forgiveness, but I'd rather she never knew.

So I do not want her to get a call from the neighbors saying "I saw a woman leave your house with a suitcase and get into a cab". Or "I saw your husband dressed as a woman leave your house with a suitcase and get into a cab".

So I think I'll take a cab to somewhere, get changed, and get another cab to the airport.

I've changed in family rest rooms in malls before, but this is different. I have to take a suitcase and laptop in with me, and then call a cab to meet me at a mall.

A hotel is possible, but hotels here are expensive. I can call the hotel desk and they can get a taxi for me. I have more room to spread out and change in a hotel room. That leaves two other problems.

I need to ensure I can get early arrival. I'll be there quite early if I'm changing there. And there's the cost of the hotel. The cheapest I found is $65. With all the fees they hit visitors with, it'll be about $80. I really doubt my company will pick that up as an expense. :)

Another possibility is asking one of the local women who have met Meg if I can change there. There are four I can ask, but each presents a difficulty. One will have her teenage nephew with her. Another will have her teenage sons and husband at home. Another will have her husband and young children with her. The fourth I do not know well.

Maybe I can find a place to change on Craigslist. :)

It's not insurmountable, and I might still drive. I'll keep y'all posted.

In short-term logistics, tomorrow is a work-at-home day. A lot of what I'm doing has periods of an hour or more when I just have to wait for something to complete. I have a list of things to do to fill in that time (and I'll work until late at night to make sure I get everything done). Included are:
* see if I have stockings/garter to wear (easier for the restroom, especially on a plane, I think)
* spend as much time as possible in a few of pairs of shoes I may choose from. I have high, mid, and low heel possibilities. I want to be comfortable, but I really want to wear those spikes.
* organise my makeup for flight day
* try on skirts. I think I have the top I want, but I want to find the right skirt. I hope to get some pictures and ask opinions.
* try on my other forms and see why I don't like that other one
* reshave arms and legs

Since the kids will be out of the house at 7 and not back until almost 4, and my wife works all day this would be enough time (barely) for all of those things.

Then I found out my oldest son's school is letting out at 10.30.



  1. I know of the desire to wear the highest heels possible. It seems that every inch of heel doubles the feminine feelings. But, forget the spikes, at least for the flight. Passing is part of the exercise, right? Natal women aren't going to wear those, as a rule. You'll feel far more the woman if people aren't pointing at the tranny.

    I'm not surprised that your wife has no knowledge of your project. You do seem to be trying to go way beyond her boundaries, though. I can't call you out on that, as I've done the same, but is the marriage so far gone that you don't care about the potential fallout? A sensitive question, for sure.

  2. When and how to change is a challenge. A couple of possibilities come to mind:

    1. You mentioned changing in family restrooms. Most airports have them (either inside or outside security)? You can usually find out on the airport web site.

    2. Similarly, some restaurants/coffee shops/hotels have single person restrooms. If you scout things out ahead of time, then with under-dressing and some androgynous outer dressing, you could change relatively quickly, finishing your makeup elsewhere.

    Not much, but...


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