Friday, June 25, 2010

Options.... Sort of

Here are the new shoes that I bought the other day. Each are uncomfortable in their own special way. The heels (below right) press into my little toe, which is a solvable problem for my feet. The flats (right) press on my big toe, which I need to resolve if I'm going to wear them (maybe for the long drive).

Someone wrote and asked about the dress I am keeping but won't wear out that I mentioned in my previous post.

Here it is. And the shoes (above) are actually very comfortable, but they're barefoot shoes and I do not have barefoot legs. They need hose to get people to say "nice" instead of "nauseous".


  1. The flats are remarkably similar to my favorite travel shoes (mine are Naturalizers). As I've said, I tend to wear dress slacks or nice jeans when I fly, and they work well. If the dress/skirt you're wearing isn't too dressy, they could be ok. IMHO, the strappy sandals are more evening wear, not day/travel shoes - but then I'm just an LOL ("Little Old Lady")

  2. I like that last pic!

  3. Soo bodacious in that last pic!! :)


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