Thursday, June 24, 2010

Launch Delay

I'm trying to figure out exactly how this will play out. I will not be travelling on Sunday as planned. I will be out at a local clothing swap, en femme. I will be trying some outfits and taking some pictures this weekend.

Because I'm supposed to be in the midwest for a full week, and I was diverted for a day, I will not be ready for Sunday travel. My manager decided that I will go out the week of July 12th, since next week is a short week (happy Independence Day!).

I told her that I cannot travel on the 11th, because I have other plans. I don't think I'm out of line to expect her to clear with me whether I'm able to give up my weekend for the company (there is no comp time for travel days [or anything else, as far as I can see]).

I had suggested to my manager's manager that I could work on the other customer Thursday and when I return from my trip, since the other customer will be pretty much gone from Friday until after the 4th. He agreed this was a good idea, but never conveyed it to my manager.

This is turning into a work rant, and I apologise but I won't go back and delete it but I will end it here.

I spoke with the midwest customer and told them that if I come out for four days (travel on Monday July 11) I can continue to work on their project and maybe stretch the requirements a bit and give them some extras. They like this idea.

So it looks like I will be travelling on July 12th, a Monday. I'll continue to post progress, anxiety, and try to stay on-topic until then, in case anyone's still reading.

This will:

* give my fingernails, which keep breaking badly, a chance to recover.
* give Meg a chance to get out once more (maybe twice) this weekend.
* let me do a packing "dry run" and make a final packlist.
* maybe try fake fingernails again. I haven't had much luck before.
* let me find the right lipstick/gloss/liner and eye shadow/liner/mascara. Maybe.
* give me a chance to just get the accessories I need. I carry too much jewelry on trips.
* try on those shoes!

I think Meg is more of an optimist than her male counterpart is.

Meg thinks I can write a post-a-day and not lose everyone. :)

Oh... does anyone know any tg-friendly companies that are hiring?


  1. So much for the high concept of a three-week blog...

    I, for one, am glad for the extension.

  2. Hi Meg,

    Keep writing and we'll keep reading. Hope you have fun this weekend and I look forward to your pictures next week.

    Best wishes,


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