Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'll be going to the clothing swap tomorrow. I was trying to find a poll widget but didn't see one. Please tell me which you think I should wear, either in comments or in an e-mail.

I think Meg looks pretty good today. I wish I was going out, but that's not in my plans. I have too much to do before tomorrow. I think I would have enjoyed a day of shopping though, and if flight day Meg looks this good, nothing will keep her out of the airport.

I have five possible dresses. Click on any of the images to get a larger view.

First up: animal print top, black skirt. I'm wearing a black cami with this one as it's a bit low-cut for someone with no cleavage. These are my favourite pumps, and I'll probably wear them tomorrow. It's a bit longer than I like, but it's a nice dress. The necklace and bracelet set me back about $8 at Burlington.

Next is the blue print. It also needs a cami. I'm wearing a lapis necklace and bracelet. I like the length better, but... does this dress make me look fat?

Third is a purple dress that also needs a cami. It's a bit short, I think, but I won't be, like, on an airplane or anything. I may be sitting at the swap, if there's any room for chairs. Kim's expecting quite a crowd!

Fourth is a longer purple dress. I really like this one, but it's a heavier material and I was sweating even in the house. I will be outdoors a bit, helping Kim move clothes and things in, and I don't need a heavy dress. It does not need a camisole. I have nothing against camis and slips ~ I just don't want the extra layer when it's supposed to be in the upper 90s.

Finally: my favourite dress. Hands down. I don't know why. I really like this dress. This is probably what I'll wear (unless you girls shout me down). My biggest problem is, I've worn it out several times already. I really want to wear something different, especially since i have 50+ dresses! The bold print dress, with those shoes and that purse (I haven't decided about jewelry. Probably black beads) is what I expect I'll be wearing tomorrow.

Oh.... here's Meg up close and personal too. First is how I like to look if I'm thinking about how I'm looking. I'm not a natural smiler. Below that is how I'll more likely look. But I'll try to remember: smile. And don't lurch when I walk. And stand up straight. And move gracefully, dammit!


  1. I like the blue, or the red print.

  2. In order of preference, 5,2,1. Love the shoes regardless.

  3. I think 1 is your best choice...feminine but no so short as to attract undue attention.

    There's a poll gadget available if you select "design" from the dashboard, and then "add a gadget" from the right side of the layout.

  4. I just love the top one, animal print. Really pretty and very nice.
    I guess that I am a little old fashioned, but I would prefer my dresses to be knee or a little below, which is the length of the animal print.
    By the way, YOU look very nice in all of them.


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