Friday, September 20, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Knight and Day

Our gang.  Click to enlarge
We seemed to avoid one of the things I hate: traffic.  In the past, there have been long backups on the roads leading to the site, long backups to park, long lines to get tickets....  This time, it wasn't bad at all.  They direct you to park in rows and we lucked out by getting at just about the end of a row, right outside the wall.  It was a hike to the ticket office, but not as bad as it could have been.

In the past, I never noticed the costumes much but this year I did.  I took pictures of interesting costumes (male and female) and noticed some trends.  As I said, I was in what is sort of the stock "women's costume."  More serious costumes included boots, and a variety of devices hanging from belts: pouches, flagons, perhaps a mock weapon.  They don't allow real weapons into the area but you could buy everything up to a longsword and probably a crossbow, although I didn't notice any.  I commented to one of the purveyors of weaponry about that dichotomy and she said "we wrap them in magical butcher paper and duct tape which renders them harmless."

One of our group wore boots and said they cost more than "any car I ever bought."

I noticed many "Renaissance-ish" costumes, mostly among women.  They might include long lacy skirts, tops with eyelets and such, sandals or more substantial shoes.  They might have been making a style statement, or they might be building a costume.  I can see a costume costing hundreds of dollars easy.  Even the basic cotton or linen skirt is at least $50; a decent bodice $150, a chemise $40 or $50.  That's bottom line.  One shoppe had a lovely dress for $1800.  Start adding accessories and the cost goes WAY up.

The vendors know their audience.  One woodcarving vendor had different Celtic, British, Scottish, etc designs but they also had Star Trek insignia.

We saw a woman dressed in Stargate garb.  I complimented her on her costume.  I thought, "well they're kind of present time, but they usually visit planets that are technologically challenged, so why not?" 

There were two Dr Whos.  Again, he travels, he's been in Renaissance times, so why not.

We saw Indiana Jones.  I have no idea what he was doing there.

There was a Ninja with a sword on his back.  One of our group asked about the sword ("no weapons") and it turns out it was an umbrella ~ they sell them at RenFests.

Speaking of our group, we traveled in a pack of eight: Star and her partner Pooch; Charity and me; Star's friend (who we've met at game nights), and her husband, and daughter; and L, who was New To Me.  She's very nice.  She was a schoolteacher who does software now, and has what she called "a fetish about weapons."  She had a large, impressive walking stick and I suspect there was something sharp inside.  I didn't ask.  The boots belonged to her.

I leave you with some costumes and comments.  Click to enlarge.

Monday: About the faire
atypical costumes

more typical female costumes: bodice, shoulders, underskirts

very fancy male costume

Very fancy female costume and a ninja

Lovely lady costumes

a smoking wood nymph?  Really?

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  1. i think it is sooooo cool that you went in fem to the ren. fest. as that is something i have always thought about!
    thanks for shareing.


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