Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Flowers in Your Hair

At every faire, people sell garlands for your hair.  I've never bought one for myself.

This year, I wanted to complete my costume and I thought the flowers would be perfect.

I passed one (male) seller and eventually saw a woman with her own setup.  It was a good move: she made good choices for me.

The first one she selected was a feather garland, which was new to me!

She picked out three for me to try, and my friends stood around assessing each one.  The pictures below are the one with the feathers and the one I purchased.  The middle picture lets you get an idea of the other garlands she had ~ so many colours and combinations!

Oh...  Two corrections.  The purse was mine, not Charity's.  She added the scarf accent though.  And the "sword umbrella" (or "umbrella sword") was purchased at Macy's.

Feathers!?!  What would my bird think?

SOLD!  And look at what I didn't buy!

My "posse" made a good choice.


  1. Meg:
    It looks like you and Charity had a wonderful time at Fantasy Fair with friends. I photographed a friend's wedding there many years ago (alas, I was in drab) and remember the excitement generated by all.

    For CDs, I thing of Fantasy Fair as a sort of double blind -- we get into "character" in order to go get into "character". What a great experience it must be to be the woman you are, then become the woman you would have been back then. There has to be a meditative moment or two involved in all this. I hope you got some quiet reflective alone time (albeit briefly) while you were there.

    Love the flower garlands, BTW.

    Best, Rhonda

  2. Any regrets that Meg went to the faire

    1. That she went? NO. It was all wonderful, everyone treated me as I appeared. I even asked a woman if I could take a picture of her BEAUTIFULLY dressed daughter... If someone wanted to take a picture of my kid, I'd think twice no matter who it was. Mom was thrilled and thanked me and I got them both in a nice snap which I won't post on the internet.

      Regrets there? Yes. I should have tried on clothes, done more play with the jewelry and clothes, seen more events. I'll probably go back, but probably in drab....

      More stories to come. I have about another week's worth!

    2. I would think your only regret would be not going as meg sooner

  3. drab? nooooooo way. that's no fun. LOL you look great i the photos of the outfit you chose for the event.


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