Monday, September 2, 2013

Jewelry Show ~ After the Show

After leaving the jewelry show, I did have to make a ladies' room stop.  I hoped it would be in a less-crowded venue than at the show.  We stopped in a Steinmart on the way back to look at clothes and ANOTHER woman came in....  I closed my bag and left quickly.

At the restaurant
get rid of that coffee.  The store was as empty as the show was crowded.  The restroom was vacant while I was in there.  As I finished, I was about to touch up my lips when a woman walked in.  I figured she was heading towards one of the two stalls and I smiled and said hello and she walked past me towards a stall.  I started to open my purse and the door opened again and another woman walked in.  Well, she would probably head towards the other stall but if
I stopped for dinner at a moderately priced restaurant.  A nice Jordanian waitress took the order.  We chatted and joked a bit, I told her I didn't like the meal because I was forced to eat too much.  When she gave me the bill, I told her she was very nice and it's too bad I don't tip.  (Of course I do.  I just like to see their reaction.)  She took my card and came back with a second bill ~ she took off the appetizer and said "I take care of customers I like."

I'll be going there again.

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  1. It's always good to nice to the staff, so many customers treat them as non-people that it really helps to be treated as human. Generally you will get better service as a result but it is more about treating others the way we want to be treated. She will now tell all her friends and colleagues about the nice woman who joked with her.


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