Thursday, September 19, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Changes

I should have asked for a tour of Star's "costume closet."  She pulled out what turned out to be the standard RenFest girl costume: a white chemise (short/long/three-quarter sleeve, worn off-the-shoulder, very cool snake bracelet that coiled up her arm.
Note bracelet, fan, head piece, shoulders,
and copious boobage
a long skirt, and a lace-up bodice.  Charity was awarded a chain-mail headpiece that Star made for her (Star's) first wedding and a

A couple of under-details:  I had to switch to a strapless bra, something I had not worn before.  I suppose I could have kept my regular bra, since the straps would have been under the bodice (remember, the chemise was off-the-shoulders) but I think the strapless was a better idea, and something new to me.  I was also glad that the last thing I did before leaving the house was to touch up my shoulders and underarms with a quick shave.  I probably should have adjusted the position a bit as my forms were kinda crushed under the bodice and I lost most of my shape (such as it is), but if they were too high the bra would show.  Look at my picture to understand what I mean.

Also, I was able to jettison the cinch (because the bodice was tied pretty tightly) and the padded panty (it WAS unnecessary under those skirts).  Some discomfort was removed in favour of some other discomfort, I suppose.

I wasn't sure what shoes to wear.  In preparation for the faire, I had bought inexpensive flip-flop-type shoes but the bit between my big toe and the adjacent one was very uncomfortable, at least on my left foot.  I tried putting a band-aid over the toe-crotch.  I think that might have worked, but I had already irritated that spot and I had to drop that idea.  I wore Mary Janes, which felt odd: skirts and flats were a strange combination for me.  I brought my regular leather sandals that I wear when I'm wearing sandals in drab.  They're women's, but don't look very femme.  I do know they're pretty comfortable, and that's what I wore to the faire.  Considering we walked pretty much non-stop for seven or more hours, it was a good choice, and had a fine RenFest look.  And my pedicure got another airing.  The nails are kind of growing out now so this might be their last horrah.

The other part of the typical female costume was something I did not have and could not add: copious and obvious cleavage.  It was everywhere.

Note fan, shoulders, total lack of boobage
My skirt was one that came from a yard sale and it was definitely see-through.  Star said "no problem" and explained that underskirts were longer than skirts and made to show.  Noblewomen wore nice skirts as underskirts; other women used their worn skirts as underskirts.  She gave me a floor-length black skirt that looked pretty frayed on the bottom but looked great under my other skirt.  It was long enough that I had to quickly learn to gather up the skirts before ascending/descending steps.  And it was pretty crowded in the car driver seat, with me and all that fabric.

Star added belts under our bodices.  I had a pouch hanging from mine, which had my car fob so I could put my purse in the trunk and the car would still work.  We tied fans to the belts as well.  The fans came in handy, especially when watching the jousts.

Friday: We Arrive in the 17th Century.  Or so

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