Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Adjustments

Today I have a hint.

If you're just starting out with underdressing and decide it's possible to stretch the envelope a bit with a camisole (or bra) under a heavy shirt so no-one can see it, keep in mind:

* really.  No-one can see it.  (ie, 100% safe)
* If they pat you on the back or shoulder they might notice, but I doubt it.  But they might.  (85% safe)
* and here's the important bit: at some point, the strap will slip.  It may happen several times during the course of the day.  And THERE IS NO MALE EQUIVALENT OR WAY TO EXPLAIN IT WHEN YOU REACH INSIDE YOUR SHIRT TO PULL THAT STRAP BACK UP.  So just live with it until you're alone.  Because someone will notice that. (oops)


  1. Thanks for the tips. Just a quick note. When my straps slip and I'm in public, I tend to need to scratch and itch on my shoulder inside my shirt, then put the strap back up at the same time. Oh yea, be sure and double check the mirror. Sometimes certain bras can show through. Depends on the style and type of bra, as well as the thickness of the bra cups. - Julie

  2. I would recast your estimates.
    I wear either a dress shirt with a suit or a button down shirt or a polo shirt so I would lower the visability percentage in my case down to 60%.
    I am of Italian descent and even in guy mode I tend to be a bit of a hugger so in my case the 'touch' disclosure would be down in the 40% range.
    As for strap slippage you are correct that there is no way that the reach and correct is a giveaway. On the other hand, however, when I am out while dressed I find the exercise of rearranging a slip or bra strap to be quite feminine and somewhat affirming.

  3. Ha! or is that LOL!

    I've sat in several meetings and felt first one, then the other strap slip. It took real concentration to not just reach in and adjust them. In Rhonda mode I do it subconsciously, and being engaged in the meeting's business has almost let the subcon move happen. And you're so right - there's no guy equivalence.

    On point two, my GF catches me all the time - good thing she already knows.

    On point one, I check myself under different kinds so lighting. Also, if you lean or reach forward you take slack out of your shirt and straps can then imprint - so watch your back -- literally!


  4. Personal experience? I know I've been there done that.

  5. Keeping the feminine and masculine sides of me separate, strap slippage is not an issue for me. But adjusting a strap's position is wonderfully feminine, and is something I don't mind at all when en-femme....

  6. I will sometimes wear a sleeveless blouse/shirt and wear a contrasting color bra(usually black) and purposely wear it such that the straps "peek" out

    Never a problem


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