Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sorry. We Don't Forget.

I saw a familiar looking Rhymes With Orange about three weeks ago.  I knew it was a duplicate of a Gary Larson cartoon.  But I had no idea how to find the original.

In my spare (ha!) time, I've been going through old cartoons that I've saved.  They come from Funny Times, from old calendars, from newspapers before the comics were available on-line.  I've been scanning and tossing the papers.  The same day, the Rhymes With Orange appeared, I happened upon the strip's direct ancestor.

Kind of cool that it would be an "evolution" cartoon.


...and mother


  1. If it isn't plagiarism, then it is in the same genus as plagiarism!

    But, Gary Larsen should never have stopped The Far Side, so maybe he deserves it...hah

  2. The Far Side was the best !


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