Monday, September 23, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Knights and White Satin

If you've never been to a Renaissance or Medieval Faire, go.  Costume or not, drab or dressed, it's a lot of fun.  I've been to a couple in New York, one in Wisconsin, the Maryland one, the (short lived) Virginia faire, and probably one or two others.  This was my first in costume (or dressed for that matter) and it doth add to the experience!

I spent a lot more time in shoppes than I have in the past, although mostly not shopping.  There are two types of clothing: uninteresting and just out of my price range, or fabulous and WAY out of my price range.  The shoppe that sold a $50 cotton skirt also had a $95 silk one.  That's not really expensive and if I could justify wearing it a few times a year, I'd consider it.  But....  In more than one shoppe, I was told I could try on anything I wanted, but it's such a chore taking off what I wore that I declined, except for one case.

There were pewter (and leather!) steins; and a shoppe that just had items (beautiful items such as cuffs,

Meg in Furs
bags, wraps, and more) made from fur and hide. 
There was a glassblower who made fantastic items, some at the faire (they had an oven fired up); and pewter, silver, ceramic, wood, and so on knickknacks of every variety.  And there were clothing and accessory and Renaissance-costume accessory and jewelry shoppes everywhere.  And when you first walk in you can rent a costume.  Or borrow something to have your photo taken in Renaissance garb.

You could ride an elephant or camel, eat a variety of unusual (and usual) foods, drink ale, wine, cider, and mead (sometimes mixed ~ I had an "Angry Red," Angry Orchard cider and Kilian Red ale).  You could watch jousts, plays, jugglers, magic shows, wandering minstrels, street acts of all sorts.  Between events, the king and queen would stroll among the citizens and guests.

It's a fun day, and I can see why people return every year.  Or several times a year.  We missed shows and events except for juggling.  Maybe another trip is in order.

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  1. Jessica Britton ( 23, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    I used to be in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism to the mundane world) and never got the nerve up to let Jessica go to an event. (Even thought there was one event where my garb was more androgynous than I thought and I kept getting called "milady"...go figure.) You have inspired me and I intend to go dressed to a Renne Faire when I get the chance. (I've heard the Wenches Guild welcomes trans women...)


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