Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Preparation

Ugh!  Those SHOES
Yes, we went to the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD.  The lyrics were The Byrds' Renaissance Fair.

I wore my long black-and-white dress out of the house, along with Mary Jane flats, silver star earrings, another silver ring with a black cylindrical stone and patterns that looked vaguely Celtic, bangles, and a simple necklace.

I was going to skip my padded panty on the belief that it would be lost under the big Renaissance skirts, but it turns out the dress I was wearing was a big too clingy, if you get my meaning.  I also wore my cinch.

I had another long dress that I haven't worn out yet but I thought I'd save that for another game night rather than a quick run to/from our friend's house.  It turned out I wore it a bit longer than expected, but that's a story for another day.

For the faire, I had on lighter makeup than usual.  I also decided to go for the longer of my favourite two wigs.  I thought longer hair looked more historically accurate, but what do I know?  I don't even know what year(s) they were trying to recreate.  I'm guessing around 1500, because the king was Henry VIII.  I don't know which wife he was on.

Charity had a surprisingly roomy leather purse which I mostly took over with cash, wallet, makeup, keys, glasses, and camera.  She just took a kind of scarf she could fold and put stuff in, hanging from her belt and I put her wallet into the purse, which I carried with me all day.  She tucked another scarf into the handbag clasp, just for accent.  You can see it a bit in the picture.

I was a bit apprehensive about what I'd be wearing.  I didn't know what I was going to wear to the faire, so I didn't know how to prepare.  Mostly, the concern was hair: did I remove enough from my back/chest/arms?  I knew my legs would be fine, since I expected to be wearing something floor-length.  I could have asked, but Star was doing us a great favour by lending us clothes and I didn't want to bother her.  Besides, a little surprise never hurt anyone.  I also worried about my bust and if I would have the coverage I need.

We got out a bit later than planned, stopped at the nearby Giant for grab some bagels, and got to our friends' house just a few minutes later than planned.  We had some coffee, ate those bagels, and Star went up to her "costume closet" which is larger than all of the closets in my apartment combined.

Thursday: faire-weather clothing

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