Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seeing Double

I'm wondering if there are more.  Maybe some that are funnier.  Does anyone have a better caption?

"With that tie?  Really?"
"Ann Taylor, but I don't know if they have your size."
"No, I'm not going to guess how much they cost."
"I know you have to get to your other job right after work, but really... how long does it take to change shoes?"
"I told you ~ you need longer pants when you wear heels!"
"I am not going to guess if they're stockings or pantyhose."


  1. "When I told you you had to 'Walk the walk', I didn't mean quite that."

    "Getting pumped up for the sales meeting, I see."

    "But have you gone the mile yet? I need those back soon."

    "She's got legs. And she knows how to use them." (sung appropriately)

    "Where have all the young girls gone? Long time passing." (also sung)

  2. "where did you find those, I've been looking for a pair like that for a year now"
    True comment, spoken by my wife when I showed a pair of heels I had just purchased. Sort of funny, because Here is a women just blowing past the idea of a man/ her husband wearing heels, just so she can find out where she can get a pair just like that. - Julie


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