Friday, September 27, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Oooo.... Shiny Stuff

There were a lot of nice jewelry booths at the faire.  I don't think I saw them all, but one of the first we came to sold ear cuffs.  They were inexpensive and nice and I decided I'd think about it while I wandered.  I had budgeted a few bucks to spend on "stuff" and I needed to see if I found something more appealing.

I did not.

On the way out, Charity and I stopped at the same shoppe and looked at a few different cuffs.  I like to shop with people who have at least as much sense of style as I don't.

They had some cuffs that hung off the middle of your ear, and rings of different sizes that would clip onto the ear, and all were non-pierced items.  As I was looking, with a helpful young saleslady watching, a woman came up to the counter and said to the clerk "can I wear this as a nose ring?"  And the saleswoman looked pained and said "I'd prefer you didn't.  At least not until you buy it."  I laughed and said "I'm glad you said that.  You almost lost a sale."

I bought two cuffs and two rings.  No pics ~ I haven't even tried them on yet!

On the way out I decided to have a little fun with the salesgirl.  After being in close contact with someone, I assume they know I'm not what I appear to be.  They might know at 500 yards, but I don't make that assumption.  More than once, say at a makeup counter where I'm getting some makeover assistance, I say "can I ask you a question?  When did you know?" and I uniformly get a "when did I know what?" which is wonderful to hear as well as flattering, but I really do want an honest answer.  I never pushed the issue and stopped a long time ago. 

So I assumed she figured out Meg.  As we were leaving, I hung back a bit and let Charity go ahead.  Then I got the salesgirl's attention and did my best nervous/upset look and said softly "she makes me do this."  I was rewarded with a shocked (horrified?) look and I quickly turned away and hurried off to catch up with the group.

I bet she has a story to tell her friends.


  1. Meg -

    You have a wicked sense of humor.....


  2. Oh Meg that's just mean, how could you? ~ Funny mind you


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