Thursday, March 31, 2011

!!! Special for the Readers of My Blog !!!

Six weeks ago, I wrote about a site called Armed and Glamorous (see I Love This Site!).  This British site has pointers to tops, dresses, and more ~ clothes with sleeves.  I have a limit to what I can shave.  As much as I love sheathes and sundresses, they are for indoors only, and rooms where mirrors are many feet away so I can imagine I look passable.

Since then, Melanie, who pretty much runs the site along with her little baby (who, based on my experience, probably doesn't contribute a lot except to keep the author awake), and I have been keeping in touch.

I lamented the lack of a similar site in the US.

No more.

Melanie has branched out!  It's not quite ready yet, but she has given me the go-ahead to announce the US Armed and Glamorous site!  The two dresses here are from that site.  If you like what you see please link through her site to the actual site ~ baby needs a new pair of shoes and all that.

I'm considering both, but I need to choose.  The red dress also comes in brown, which is more my colour, but the red is lovely.  So I'm really considering three and I need to choose.

(An aside ~ my clothes budget usually comes from my lunch budget because I put aside money for lunch and then often bring lunch or skip lunch or am on travel and expense accounts pay.  But a Friend of Meg will be walking in the DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and my lunch money is going to her.  She asked me if I'd like to walk with her, but 39 miles over two days is way too much for me!  If anyone else would like to contribute, drop me a note and I'll pass you a link to her Avon walk site.

Mel is a nice lady, a new mommy, and she has a great idea.  We're not her target audience, but I think the community has a new friend.  Please spread the word!

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  1. Great news about Armed and Glamorous. I have several sleeveless blouses and dresses that I love but would never wear publicly. Stylish clothing for those who prefer something with a sleeve is very welcome.

    I love that red dress. I'm afraid I'd look like a big tomato but it looks lovely on the model. Great color and I love the swingy hemline.


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