Monday, February 7, 2011

(Cami)sole Searching

I wasn't going to write anything else about camisoles, but I thought of another pun subject, so....

Several years ago, I found out about freecycle from a client.  I joined the local group using my "regular" e-mail.  I got rid of some items I would have tossed, but I joined mainly as a free clothing source.

The first item I found was a bag of slips and camisoles.  There were a few half slips, full slips, and camis, all white or off-white, all silky (but not silk).  The slips, unfortunately, were on the long side but I've worn then with longer skirts around the house.  I don't get out enough to wear long skirts outside!

Often, freecycle items are left on a doorstep for you to pick up and you never meet the donor.  In this case she had to bring them to work and I picked up there, so we met and chatted a bit.  This is way before my no more stories epiphany, so I didn't admit they were for me.

Oh... one more detail.  She knew who I was.

We never met, but my male e-mail addresses are generally in my full, unusual, male name.  She'd seen my name in the newspaper.  There's a regular newspaper contest here ~ I'd seen hers as well.

I was pretty nervous, but I thought she already knew I wanted them (but not, of course, for me) so there's no point in canceling the pickup.  I did joke about "hoping they'd fit" and she looked me over and decided they should, and I promised I'd re-freecycle them if they didn't.

The regulars in this contest have a closed group.  They meet about once a month, and they have big events 2-3 times a year.  There's a fairly active listserv too,

She still doesn't know.  One person in the group of regular contest entrants sort of knows ~ I've told her, but it's a humour contest and she probably thinks it's a joke.  If she asks, I'll make it clear.  But she hasn't asked, yet.

You know me by now.  I'll probably escalate.

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  1. Escalation is good. You have a special talent in nudging yourself and others.


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