Friday, February 11, 2011

(S)he Said What?

A commenter called me out yesterday:

All of this planning, worrying about malls, restrooms, shaving, and your wife is recovering from surgery and then she has to take care of herself and the children?

All to wear girl clothes?

Are you serious?

I think you need to establish a better sense of priorities.

Your wife and children should be much more important to you than an opportunity to wear girl clothes.

I mean, REALLY!!!!! 

All good points.  The main one being ~ I wasn't clear.  If my wife's not ready, I'll postpone my work trip (to the dismay of my boss, I know).  I'm saving vacation days, making sure I have local things-to-do or at-home things-to-do to keep company customers happy, myself productive, and money flowing in, for both me and the company.

Wednesday required a trip to Johns Hopkins (Baltimore) for a consult.  Thursday was an extra-long work day to make up for it.  Monday will be a mid-day local consult.  Afterwards, I'll make up those hours.

My goal is not to neglect my wife, kids, work, or this little blog.

While my wife is in hospital, or recovering, meals will be prepared, clothes will be laundered, newspapers will be read, kids will get to school and other events.

Life won't stop.

And neither will my hobby.

Please don't believe for a minute that I'll neglect a visit to hospital so I can try on outfits for my trip!  But I'll be packing as if the trip will go on, and that means packing everything.  I'll be getting ready for the trip, and that means making sure the database is solid, the analysts are satisfied, and any girl prep is done ~ time permitting.

I only mentioned the surgery because it may impact what you all see here, as well as my next scheduled trip out, which is kind of the purpose of this blog.

Someday, maybe I'll be more like Stana, and get up and decide "today's a day out."  I suspect most of us are more like me ~ planning and executing a day out like it's a military manoeuvre.

Planning will continue, even if it turns out that the schedule is shot, or nothing happens.  Sometimes, planning is all the fun I get.  I hope that's not the case this time, as I do every time.  And I also hope the predictions on recovery and recovery time are way pessimistic.  That goes without saying, she said, after spending 1000 words saying it. :)

I'm not a bad guy, nor that narcissistic.  Honest.

(ps ~ I like the way Pat thinks :)  I am afraid that me in a nurse's dress will cause my wife to flash back to The Joker in "The Dark Knight")


  1. TO Quote "and there you go" Part for your trip is planning! If anybody understands your blog (by reading it) we KNOW your personnel situation. You really have few people whom you can tell what MEG is up to! we (in blogs ville) are your family. suggestions come from (a lot) from US.
    Your planning is just THAT plans if ...and without a plan bigger problems? I love reading your because of the thoughts you present in the process of a trip!

  2. Another good post. There is nothing that is black and white. We all fill multiple rolls at all times...husband, father, employee, blogger, shopper, techie, crossdresser, etc., whatever...and we need to plan how to shoehorn things into our schedules.
    I thought that the commenter was out of place but you handled it very well. I think that many of us spend more time and energy thinking about and planning potential dressing opportunities than actually executing the event. It is merely a fact of life that life's events almost always take priority to dressing events.

    PS: OK, forget the nurse's outfit. I have seen photos of several other items from Meg's closet that would be more than appropriate for 'housewife/caregiver' duties.


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