Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From The Daily Mail...

(that's a UK newspaper, for you Americans)

...I bring you this little article.

It's been a crazy day; I'll write more tomorrow including the updates that never materialised.

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  1. It was an excellent article by the mother of a boy who enjoyed wearing little girl clothes and costumes. The writer seems to keep the issue in perspective. She understands that the behavior is not universally accepted but she also understands that the interests of a 4 year old do not always forebode the childs future sexuality.

    She writes under an alias to protect her son and herself but notes that several family members and acquaintances know that the child enjoys wearing girls clothes as much as his boy clothing.

    The writer has done some good research into the subject of little boys wearing the clothes of little girls and she has some interesting observations including the supposition that this behavior may be more common for boys with older sisters.

    The author makes an interesting comment to the effect that "Men find it more unsettling than woman, who find it cute and amusing." She clearly feels that men are more unsure and concerned with the concept of crossdressing than woman. I tend to believe that woman grow up appreciating the power and pleasure of clothing. They also know that clothes go on and clothes come off without making a fundamental change in the person wearing the clothes. I suspect that some men may have an underlying fear of the power of females and that this is manifest in the power of female attire.

    Thanks for the share.


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