Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Short Term Planning

Next Tuesday, my wife goes into the local hospital for abdominal surgery.  When I say local, I mean local: it's less than a mile from my front door.  The surgery is not unusual or difficult, but, as the surgeon said "it's not a haircut, either."

This means I'll have a few hours at home, waiting for the call from the doctors telling me she's waking and I can come down.

Two upcoming blog-pertinent events: a clothing swap (the following Sunday) and my Richmond trip (three weeks later).  I suspect I'll skip the swap; the next is in April, and the clothes will keep.  If recovery is slow, Richmond will be postponed.

But time alone is rarely wasted, so I hope to spend Tuesday morning sorting through what I need for my trip.  I'll put things such as bra and slip and hose and shoes and wig and makeup and nighties and pads in a box, ready to go.  I'll make a list of items such as panties and dresses that I can't pack yet so I'm ready to go.  I'll try out my new shoes.  Dressing time is out ~ I want to be ready to get to hospital quickly.  I will organise everything so I can change on-the-road, if possible.  An anonymous friend left a comment suggesting two possible malls where I can change.  I'll see if I can find out if they have "family" restrooms.

Near my office are a TJ Maxx and a Marshalls and a Payless.  I think I'm good for shoes right now, after last week's purchase.  Similar shops are near my Maryland customer, and I'll be there tomorrow.

My goal is to do a bit of clothes shopping ~ I only buy clothes for special occasions, and if Meg will be traveling, well, that's a special occasion, right?  If I can arrange it, I'll go to the local shops this afternoon or Friday after work.  Or I'll go to the shops in Maryland tomorrow.  That's iffier ~ the most predictable thing about Washington area traffic is "there will be lots."  Google a route in this area and it will say "15 minutes.  With traffic: a week or two."  I don't mind traffic occasionally.  My mantra is "I'm not doing this every day.  The people around me are."  I would, however, prefer to avoid it.

If I find a new outfit, I can at least try it on next Tuesday and know if it's travel ready.

I'll keep assuming all will go as scheduled, and I'll have some new stories and pictures in a month or so!

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  1. While I cannot ever see myself finding the time or having the technical ability to do my own blog I have thought of blog titles that may work. One that I had conjured up was "The Shoe-Horn Crossdresser" since so much of my CD existance has to be shoe-horned into time cracks in my personal and professional life.
    Watching how you 'blend' your CD life into your multiple other roles as employee, husband, father, etc. makes me think that perhaps the 'High Heel Shoe-Horn' award should go to Meg.


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