Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ups and Downs

I just checked my schedule.  The work is done, and I'm ready to deliver said work to El Paso.  I was looking at air fares and schedules ~ I can fly down Monday morning and be there by noon, then work 'til noon Friday and be back in Virginia before midnight.  NO "flying pretty", because I'll be going directly to/from the customer.  Meg will definitely make an appearance in El Paso, unless they keep me working really late.  I'm looking forward to maybe going back to that mall in New Mexico, dressed this time.  Or walking around the shops near the hotel, or over to the UTEP campus, which is pretty close to the hotel.  I didn't check the weather, but I figure it should be pleasant, in the 60s or so.

Next week is good.

The following week is good, although my wife will complain about me being away on Valentine's day.

The week after is not so good.  My wife is scheduled to have surgery and I really can't be away that week, and possibly not the next few weeks after that.

But... warm weather and travel and Meg is imminent.

I had a call scheduled with the customer yesterday.

He starts by telling me the hardware isn't ready, and won't be for about three weeks.  And El Paso is pretty much closed due to snow, high winds, and single-digit temperatures.

There goes my fantasy of a quick trip to sunny climes.

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  1. How disappointing! El Paso isn't my favorite city but at least it usually provides a little respite from winter. I was there a few years ago when it was 20 degrees and people acted like it was the apocalypse. I can't imagine how people are coping with single digit temps.

    I hope you're able to have some Meg time soon.


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