Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update Later

I'm writing late Monday, since I have to be out of the house around 5am, early even for me.  I'll update on whether I'm at home alone for a bit today or school is closed.  Or you can check the Fairfax County public school closings and see for yourself. :)

I did a bit of checking and the almost 100 mile road to Richmond is littered with malls.

* Tyson's Corner is right at the start of my trip.  There are two malls, each with family restrooms, each within spitting distance of my office.  I think I'll head a bit further south before stopping though.  I don't want to get caught by the lunch crowd.

* Springfield Mall is about 15 miles from my starting point.  I have to check on restroom facilities (as I will for any further malls).  It's a mostly dead mall, and may be a good choice for changing.  Not so much for shopping.

* Potomac Mills Mall is enormous and about 28 miles from my start.  I think it can be seen from the moon.  It's a major Virginia tourist attraction.  It's over 1.6 MILLION square feet and has over 200 shops.  I'm sure it has family restrooms, but it also has huge crowds.  I'd be reluctant to spend the necessary hour in a restroom, blocking out crowds that might need it.  But shopping there would be fun.

* at about the 40 mile mark is the Stafford Marketplace.  I know nothing about this shopping centre; I may check it out though.

* still within an hour of starting is the Spotsylvania Mall and the adjacent Central Park shopping centre.  I know nothing about these.  I will before I travel.

* further south, at about the 60 mile mark, is the Southpoint shopping centre.  Also unknown to me.

And that's about it.  I'll do a bit of research and report further.  If anyone knows anything about these shopping centres please let me know!

I'm looking for available family restrooms.  I may look for a place that will do my makeup, although I'm not sure.  I really need to cover up; they prefer a lighter touch.  And I want a manicure ~ that shouldn't be a problem.  There are more nail places than Starbucks.

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