Thursday, February 10, 2011

Richmond Trip: Part II - Glitch?

One possible glitch: my wife is going in for major surgery later this month.  My trip is contingent on her recovering enough to take care of herself and the boys.  I think all will be well.  I also think Richmond will be quickly followed by El Paso, so my hair and eyebrows and neck should still be good to go. :)


  1. All of this planning, worrying about malls, restrooms, shaving, and your wife is recovering from surgery and then she has to take care of herself and the children?

    All to wear girl clothes?

    Are you serious?

    I think you need to establish a better sense of priorities.

    Your wife and children should be much more important to you than an opportunity to wear girl clothes.

    I mean, REALLY!!!!!

  2. Meg,
    Our thoughts and prayers are for an easy surgery for your wife and a full and speedy recovery.

    Every cloud, however, should have a silver lining. Several years ago my wife had surgery and I stayed home to help 'nurse' her back to health. While I did not run out and pick up a nurse's uniform it gave Pat a chance to be the 'extra wife' around the house. My wife could not get around the house at first but Pat was around to take care of everything. Her surgery gave Pat time in dresses and heels doing the cooking, cleaning, caretaking, etc.

    The surgery occurred while we were starting to become 'empty nesters' and it gave my wife an opportunity to spend time with me while I was dressed and taking a more womanly role in things around the house. Since then there has been an almost unspoken understanding that when I am doing things such as cooking, cleaning, etc. I will be doing them while fully or at least partially dressed. The unspoken deal seems to be that I get to dress and my wife gets the benefit of a 'spare wife'.

    Now if we are home alone with nothing happening on a Sunday I will go out and shop for food and then come home, dress and cook. A few weeks ago the walls needed cleaning...another job for Pat. Last night Pat made a rare mid-week appearance to chop some veggies that my wife plans to make into soup today.

    I just thought that I would plant the seed that 'Nurse/spare wife' Meg may need to step forward during your wife's post surgery period. Exposing your wife to a caring, cooking, cleaning Meg during her recovery may result in long range changes.


    PS: Pat is not Jewish but makes an outstanding chicken soup and I would be pleased to give you the recipe. It may not help but you know it can't hurt.

  3. It was clear to me that your business trip was 'contingent' on how things went with your wife's surgery. It is nice that you can make such things contingent. I never questioned your priorities for a second.

    If you do make your trip(s) after the surgeries perhaps Nurse Meg may have to done the arm, chest and eye-brow maintenance as part of your wife's post surgery care.


    PS: You could force the issue and go out and pick up a nurse costume or uniform. I know that you like to be well prepared for every contingency. LOL


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