Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No More Panties!


No More.

I think I have enough, thank you.

I know ~ I'm not through talkin' camisoles and I'm movin' down to panties.

When I was a guy (and you know what I mean) I had enough underwear to keep me from doing laundry more than once a week.  Now all of those male briefs are gone and they've been replaced by the same number of panties.  Times ten, or so.

Panties are tricky.  There are so many styles and they change so often that you can't just pick one you like and stick with it.  Plus, what's the fun in that?  Thongs, tap pants, bikini, string bikini, hipsters, hi-cut, briefs, lo-rise and a dozen variations on each.  Plain, colours, patterns, lace, lacy panels....  Silk, satin, nylon, stretch, cotton....  Like camis, the choices are endless.

And the sizing is wrong for guys ~ they're measured in hip sizes with the expectation that the waist is much smaller.  I have 5s that fit.  And I have 8s that fit.  Most are 6 or 7.

Some just have a little snip of fabric between the legs ~ not good for male, um, accessories.

So it's expected that occasionally I'd pick up one that doesn't fit right.  And my underwear drawer is a bit crowded and it's just panties and socks.

Now I'm taking inventory.  I'm tired of grabbing a pair of undies and realising that I will NOT be having a pleasant day if I'm wearing these.  Oh sure, it'll be a constant reminder that I'm being a tad unconventional, but I'd rather have a silky feel to remind me.

I emptied out a space in a different drawer.  Newly washed panties now go there.  Every night, after my shower, I put on a pair from the regular drawer and I make a note about them: brand, size, colour, style if they have one.  And I rate the ones I just removed: A (wonderful), B (I like them), C (OK, if that's all there is), or F (please toss).

In the morning I decide if this pair is unwearable and I might change them, rate them F, and jot notes about the new ones.  I decided to always at least "sleep on it" before deciding.

So far, there are very few Fs, but that's because I'm picking the ones I know I like, or I'm pretty sure fit well.

I'm ignoring white panties.  I have several pair of plain white cotton.  I know they're all good.

So far, I have a list of over 30 panties.  I did a quick count last night.  I have over 50 pair to go.  There will be more Fs, but I expect to finish with a core of 40 or 50 pair.

I know Valentine's Day is coming, and y'all wanted to get me something, but please, No More Panties.  But I still want this.  Medium or fair tone (I'm not sure which is best), size 2. :)


  1. Do you really find tap panties? I'd love to...but all I ever see is bikinis and boy shorts and briefs.

  2. Dani ~ follow the link! And buy them and I get a lira or something.

    I have 3-4 pair but I've had them for a while.

  3. Wow!! I'm jealous, I don't have anywhere near that number! And fyi, mine are divided into work ones (or ones that don't show any patterns through scrubs), "playtime only" for ones that may be detected under street clothes or be uncomfortable if worn while out walking, and then the anytime ones LOL!

  4. Meg... love the panties... I have plenty too :)
    Would love to see some pics of your "A" collection when you're done, laid out on a bed! :)
    Hmm, maybe now I need to wear my tap panties today, lol!


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