Monday, February 28, 2011

So Much To Do!

Thursday, after finishing up with my Maryland job, I had a bit of leeway ~ I could head home or to the office.  After pondering for about a millisecond, I decide to head home.

I had about an hour, and about four hours worth of Things To Do While Alone.

I want to produce my changing bag ~ exactly what I need to take into a dressing room.  I didn't, but I did inventory the two bags of girlstuff I filled Tuesday.  I now have a file with the contents and some notes on what I need that I haven't organised yet.  I'll go over the list and mark the items that have to go into my changing bag and note the things that belong there.  I'll also mark items for my "undo" stuff ~ makeup remover, boy shoes, etc, ~ for my trip back.

I also wanted to watch the Oprah channel show and the Face Off show.  I saw Face Off only.  It was less interesting that I had hoped, certainly less interesting than He's A Lady (pictured below ~ click for a larger image).

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  1. I really enjoyed that show, wished I had archived it. The one in the upper right corner was the most passable hottie. They should really bring this back.


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