Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alas, No

Not Today
Have you ever gotten to the point where you absolutely positively need to get dressed?  Even if you're not going out ~ just to get dressed.

I'm there.

Dressed is the cure for stressed.

It's still early, but there are two possible paths today can take:
* weather is OK.  My wife and youngest ski, my oldest works here with his classmates
* weather stinks.  Everyone stays home.

Either way, Meg will not be visiting today.  Right now, the weather's kind of in-between.  There's a thin sheet of ice on the ground but roads are OK.

Doing Good
A week or so ago, a (gg) Friend of Meg mentioned that she's going to be in the Avon Walk at the end of April.  She wrote "why don't you join me?"  I call her a FoM, but I really barely know her.  She's seen both Meg and her drabber half.

I really want to, but I looked at the walk website and I don't think I can do it.

Have You Seen...
Transcribbled?  If not, you should.  But please don't get so lost there that you forget to come back!


  1. "Dressed is the cure for stressed."

    How absolutely 100% true, hon. It was actually my spouse who made the connection for me, having noticed that I tend to dress earlier in the evening, and put more effort into it, on those days where work has been particularly stressful.

  2. I know exactly what you mean...back at the holidays, when I went nearly three weeks without dressing--not even a pair of panties under male clothes--I was so tense at the end of it all. Lately, I've been limited to one morning a week as Dani (weather-related, same as you)...and it just hasn't been enough.

    I am so sick of snow and cold!


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