Saturday, February 12, 2011


I enjoyed Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows when it was in the newspaper.  About ten years ago, he decided to pull out of newspapers because his strip was regularly censored.  I suspect yesterday's strip would have only been seen by comics editors.  Most of the censored strips were more subtle.  I'll have a Liberty Meadows series on my tv/comics day soon.

His debut in the DC area was huge, because he was obviously talented, he was young, and he was a local boy.

The strip takes place at the Liberty Meadows animal sanctuary.  The man in today's strip is a Mark Trail animal lover type character who just showed up for this brief series. The, um, costume was just there for the humourous effect.  As I recall, I just about fell off my chair at this one.  Your mileage may vary, but please click to enlarge ~ his artwork is wonderful.  Sometimes, instead of a Sunday gag, he'd just draw Brandy, the woman in today's strip.

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