Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love This Site!

But it's in the UK.  I want something like this in the US.  Does anyone know of a similar company to Armed and Glamorous?

They're not a retailer.  You find what you like and they direct you to the site where you can purchase it.  It's hard to find deals such as free shipping.  I tried to filter by retailers I knew had US sites (Amazon, for instance) and got no hits.  I can think of a lot of improvements, but it's a good start for those of us who really can't shave enough to wear the sleeveless styles that seem to be the norm these days.

Here's a sampling of their dresses:


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! It's early days and I've still got work to do on the UK site - maybe I should be highlighting stores with international shipping... or branch out into US stores? Watch this space!!

  2. Thanks for posting this link, Meg. I'd love to wear sleeveless styles but they don't work for me (for so very many reasons). Great to see a site with stylish clothes for others like me.


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