Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad Timing ~ They're Gone ~ Sleeves ~ A Sign

I was hoping to organise a place to change before and after the next clothing swap.  As it now stands, the swap will be either on the day my wife gets out of hospital, or while she's still in.  Now my only decision is, do I bring down my clothes (and just drop them off) or wait until next time.

Yesterday, I had about an hour while my wife was out with friends and my kids were out and could not come back at that time.  Now that the oldest one drives, I have to beware of surprises.  I spent the hour ripping up Meg's closet.  I went through boxes, bags, hangers....  I still have no idea what happened to my pants liners!

Monday's post about Armed and Glamorous got a comment from the owners:

Thanks so much for the lovely review! It's early days and I've still got work to do on the UK site - maybe I should be highlighting stores with international shipping... or branch out into US stores? Watch this space!! 

The owners have a blog which is also in early days.  I'm not sure we're the type of customers they're expecting, but it is SO frustrating to look at a rack of dresses and skip 90% because they're sleeveless.  And I'm always willing to support a small business.  I definitely will be watching their space!  And if the A&G ladies want to start a dialogue, they should feel free to write me.  The blouse pictured here is from Armed and Glamorous.

And by the way ~ I love that name!  It's brilliant!

Valentine's Day was yesterday.  Between recently replacing a dead car, upcoming surgery, and college looming, we decided to tread lightly.  On Sunday, I visited a new customer.  His wife makes and sells jewelry.  And, in the interest of supporting a small business (see above), I found something nice and bought it.  I didn't see many pieces I'd be interested in, but my wife and I have different tastes.  Besides, her jewelry is way too expensive for Meg.  I'd link to her jewelry, but....  Y'all understand.  No real content here, but I watch for signs and trust them.  Especially the "Buy One Get On Pair Half Price" signs.

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  1. Just noticed vermont country store (I've got the catalog)sells pant liners (no. 24770) in S M L XL 2XL 3 xL in 3 colors with adjustable inseam (26" to 29")check um out at WWW. vermontcountrystore.com


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